Anniversary Plan

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JAM17 is a floor that
fuses amazing elements woven together
out of the diversity of this city and
an array of different values.

This venue has created
a new urban socializing spot that
continually infuses new energy into the world,
where visitors can enjoy new encounters and
exchange unique individual personalities
like a jam session
without being restricted to
any single type of format.

It is a new social gathering place
in the city where people can meet by
chance and continue to
emit new energy to
the world through the
unconventional intermingling of
individual sensibilities
like a jam session.


A dining experience fully infused with groove, where the five senses are all stimulated in an open kitchen space overflowing in a live music type of atmosphere.
The stone oven in the center of the kitchen has a gentle, high heat that can be used for roasting, stewing, and a variety of other cooking techniques.

- Reservations

Lunch: 11:30 - 14:00
Tea Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Dinner: 17:00 - 22:00(L.O. 21:00)
132 seats

Thoroughly enjoy savory flavors sealed in in the stone oven, with foods made from farm fresh Miura vegetables delivered directly from the source and ingredients produced in the Kanto area with an emphasis on respecting local seasonal products.


The luxuriously spacious rooftop terrace with large screen entertainment is fully equipped with a permanent bar counter. In addition to terrace only events, festivities with a circuit feel linking the adjoining party room, dining room, and bar are also possible.
This space can be arranged in all sorts of different ways to fit different purposes, like events organized through collaborations with entertainment facilities and fan gatherings.

318 sqm


A bar for relaxing after experiencing art and entertainment, amidst the ambiance of Kabukicho, Shinjuku history.
A space to enjoy world-class creativity and a bar scene unique to this area, featuring things like events with invited guest bartenders and original cocktails supervised by "The SG Club," the first bar in Japan opened by multi international award winning star bartender Shingo Gokan.

17:00 - 26:00(L.O.25:00)
11 seats & standing table

The artwork of Tatzu Nishi, which protrudes from the ceiling into the bar, is made from items symbolizing the culture and history woven by the town to the present, and watches over the new history beginning at this venue. The uplifting atmosphere produced by the music, light, and rooftop mood stimulate the senses of those imbibing the cocktails.


Ethically enjoy the vividly colorful, high quality gelato with the natural flavors of fresh ingredients. A recreation space bustling at the entrance to the city social spot, overlooking downtown skyscrapers.

10:00 - 22:00


A gathering space that can be used with both the party room and terrace linked. This space bustles with energy and pleasant comfort unique to open air environs, and can feature atmospheres unique to both the day and the night, depending on the time of usage.

231 sqm (including 100 sqm terrace)


The party room adjacent to the luxuriously spacious rooftop terrace with large screen entertainment.
This space can be arranged in all sorts of different ways to fit different purposes, like events organized through collaborations with entertainment facilities, fan gatherings, and reception parties.

167 sqm

Information about Hotel GROOVE SHINJUKU’s JAM17 DINING & BAR